VW Camper Van Toasters

Posted: March 21, 2018
VW Camper Van Toasters
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These stainless steel VW Camper Van Toasters are the updated models of this Volkswagen beaut from a few years ago. They're much more sleek and shiny, sophisticated even, than their predecessor, but still radiate the trademark good-times, laid-back, flower-child vibe the camper van has always embodied. They're like hippy toasters that grew up, and are now working in corporate, but still take 2 weeks off every year to go to Burning Man.

For anyone who likes a slice of vintage as much as their slice of sourdough slathered with raspberry jam, the VW Camper Van Toaster would make a fun 'n' funky addition to the kitchen, break room, or dorm room. Maybe a Mother's Day gift for Mom who still likes to jam to her Youngbloods and Byrds albums on vinyl? Or a gift for your girlfriend who just likes cutesy crap and the color baby blue.

By the way, the listing above takes you to the 2-slice VW Camper Van Toaster in blazin' red. Click here to see it in blue.

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