Wallflower Retrofit Smart Stove Monitor

Posted: August 02, 2019
Wallflower Retrofit Smart Stove Monitor
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I wonder if this Wallflower also teams up with Cinderella to put it all together. Wait a sec...nope. No Cinderella for this retrofit smart stove plug, but the safety monitor can pair with the fairytale princess Alexa to provide additional feedback about your stove's use and activity.

The Wallflower smart stove monitor is a 220V plug that fits between your existing stove's 3- or 4-wire cord and the wall outlet - no additional parts are tools are required to install it. From there the WiFi-enabled plug pairs with a Wallflower app to send you notifications when the stove is turned on or, more importantly, if someone forgets to turn it off.

During use Wallflower learns your cooking behavior to determine when the stove has been on longer than usual / you've probably left without turning it off. Notifications come in both audibly from the Wallflower unit, plus as texts to your device every time the stove turns on. This can be real handy if it happens when you're out - you'll know if the kids, the babysitter, an elderly family member, or the cat has fired up the appliance. Either accidentally, ill-advisedly, or, in the case of the cat, to reheat leftovers for lunch.

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