Waterfall Kitchen Sink

Posted: November 19, 2022
Waterfall Kitchen Sink
$379.99 - $399.99
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Give your dirty dishes and unwashed produce the spa treatment with this Waterfall Kitchen Sink. The back of the stainless steel insert is fitted with a sweet twist on the sprayer, a row of tiny nozzles that eject water horizontally to help clean and wash in a way most pleasing to the eye.

And speaking of eyes, I'd imagine the waterfall function on the Waterfall Kitchen Sink also prevents streams of water from hitting the curved surfaces of spoons, ladles, and rotund fruits and vegetables, and shooting back up into yours.

Waterfall Kitchen Sinks also have standard faucets with Jet, Shower, and Raindance washing modes. Ooh, a waterfall and a raindance while prepping food and cleaning up. It's like the White Lotus of kitchen sinks.

Without, I hope, the class disparity commentary, suitcase deuces, and death.

Waterfall Sinks come in silver and black, and 2 insert sizes.

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