Waterproof Cork Apron

Posted: December 14, 2021
Waterproof Cork Apron
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This Waterproof Cork Apron is handmade in Portugal and sold as an eco-friendly gift idea for your favorite chef or pitmaster. The sustainably-source cork comprising the apron makes for both a vegan alternative to leather, and a great addition to kitchen and grilling activities, thanks to its naturally waterproof, antimicrobial, lightweight, and durable nature.

Waterproof Cork Apron seller, Uncommon Goods, notes it's a great way to "cook with conscience." And that reminds me of a great trick I learned for remembering who to spell the word "conscience." Just spell the words "con" and "science" mashed together. Want me to do another?

OK, "separate." If you aren't sure whether it's "sepArate" or "sepErate," just remember, there's "a rat" in "separate."

You're welcome. Merry Christmas. Doubly if you still needed a kitchen gift for a foodie, and I just helped you out with the Waterproof Cork Apron too.

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