Xbox Series S Toaster

Posted: January 05, 2024
Xbox Series S Toaster
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The PS5 might have been the gift to get for Christmas 2023, but those who have real bread in 2024 are buying the Xbox Series S...Toaster.

The officially licensed kitchen gadget levels up countertops with a replica(ish) exterior of Microsoft's Xbox Series S. But rather than including a wireless controller to choose toast shade, opt for defrost or bagel-specific settings, and send your bread into its char chamber, the Xbox toaster has a regular old manual lever, knob, and buttons along one side to select player preferences. Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

At least the six-setting shade selection knob also has an LED countdown timer built into it, so you can see how long until your sourdough or e-muff explodes onto the scene, ready for butter and jam activation.

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