Bookrest Lamp

Posted: June 15, 2020
Bookrest Lamp
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The Bookrest Lamp from Suck UK is a mighty lighty fine housewarming gift if I ever saw one. Obviously it serves as a warm nighttime reading light and a clever place to rest your book* after you've fallen asleep on it and lost your page. But it also - hat trick! - looks like a house. With a hardback roof.

Well done, Suck UK. I've always wondered why you don't change your name to Does Not Suck UK.

For those of you wondering if the Bookrest Lamp that looks like a mini house will set your full-size house on fire, the answer is no. It's powered by an LED light that doesn't get hot.

*Come on, every once in a while don't you pull one of the paper dinosaurs off a shelf in lieu of your e-reader too?

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