Edison Light Bulbs

Posted: December 30, 2015
Edison Light Bulbs
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Nothing like tacking a Tesla or Edison onto your product to make a quick buck these days (you've seen the lighter and the board game, right?) Here at least we have an item that is nearly synonymous with Edison's name: the light bulb. I guess this one is called an Edison Light Bulb partly because he is credited with inventing the thing, but mostly because it looks old, with an oblong shape and striated filament design common during Thomas Alva's era. Note though that the bulbs are not built in the likeness of his original working model. That one looks more like a fat Christmas tree ornament than a chic industrial throwback.

These Edison-style vintage light bulbs, sold singly or in a pack of 6, are 60-watt incandescents housing a warm Marconi Squirrel Cage filament. They have a theoretical life of 3,000 hours, and are dimmable with a (not included) dimmer switch.

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