EZRED Rechargeable Neck Light

Posted: June 19, 2020
EZRED Rechargeable Neck Light
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My mama loves me a bushel and a peck and an EZRED light around my neck. So when she calls me to fix and install stuff for her and I run through the excuses of why I can't, the one about it being too dark to see [insert area of house or yard], followed up by the one about not being able to hold a flashlight and do the work at the same time, no longer apply.

Aw, thanks, Mama.

The EZRED NK15 rechargeable neck light serves as a 4-level hands-free torch that illuminates your surroundings during anything from car and home repairs in dark spots, to nighttime grilling, running and walking, and reading.

The EZRED light is rugged and water resistant, and has 9 hours of run time per USB cord charge. Its light adjustments run from 15 to 300 lumens, and the articulating beam heads are both individually adjustable and lockable in place at up to 90 degrees.

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