Firefly Blue Laser Lamp

Posted: April 03, 2013

I grew up with fireflies. And by that I mean I grew up squashing them and rubbing their bioluminescence on my arms and legs so I too could glow like a superhero or anomaly of evolution. I never saw any blue ones though, so in that regard Richard Redpath's Firefly Blue Laser Lamp definitely has the bugs trumped. In fact, I think both grown-up me and cherubic-child me would agree that in a battle of biological fireflies vs. Laser Lamp Fireflies, the latter would deliver a swift and comprehensive dose of lights out.

The Firefly lamp deviates from current LED trends because its laser technology resists "pooling" around the light source, functioning instead as a dart-like beam that can shoot itself long distances without diminishing in brightness. In addition, over 99% of Firefly's materials count themselves recyclable, and power requirements amount to a minuscule 0.4 watts (standard night lights suck up 7 to 10 watts). Lamp design also incorporates a passive cooling system, which allows the product design to eliminate moving parts and, in turn, function silently. Translation: no more buzzes, hums, crackles, or derisive comments about your bald spot from your light source.

Firefly illuminates homes, social venues, patios, even tents by scattering hundreds of Redpath's proprietary laser lights through its pin-punched polyhedronal facade. Photographic evidence suggests the effects--which Redpath guarantees are not Photoshopped--look pretty sweet. Additional makeup points of interest include the lamp's all-glass optics and level 4 efficient solid state AC/DC adapter, which can be used when a power source is nearby, and in place of the 2, AAA batteries that make the unit portable.

October 2013 Update: Blue lasers alighted Kickstarter Firefly-style, achieving great crowdfunding success. They are currently in production for general public sale. At present there are green Firefly units available for immediate purchase from Amazon.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Robert M. Thanks very much, Robert.

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