Flattering Video Chat & Meeting Ring Light

Posted: April 12, 2020
Flattering Video Chat & Meeting Ring Light
$21.99 - $24.99
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Try out one of these ring lights if you want to wear a different kind of face mask - a more flattering face mask - for your next video chat or meeting. The adjustable 3-color, 10-brightness discs mount to any M1/4" tripod or other thread stand to shine a healthy glow on your otherwise tired, hungover, and/or makeup-less face, or further enhance the already fresh and glowing mug you've brought to today's Zoom meeting, livestream, or YouTube show.

But no, sorry, the feature-flattering ring light can't do anything about that haircut you haven't had in 2 months. ... Or the one you gave yourself out of frustration.

Ring lights come in 6" and 10" diameters and have USB connectivity. They also provide augmented lighting for selfies and still photos.

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