Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp

Posted: May 15, 2019
Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp
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My co-worker Drew just got one of these Game of Thrones Dragon Lamps. He sits it on his desk at work. Guess what I just got to sit on mine? Bowman Mini Crossbow, baby! Working on attaching some lion head embellishments to the sides. I know, not quite a scorpion, but this dragon looks a little more Rhaegal than Drogon to me, so he should be an easy target. At least until Drew brings in his Dany action figure to sit on top of the lamp.

The GoT Dragon Lamp, a design from 3Demon, is 3D-printed as a black plastic beast hovering and held aloft by his breathy blaze of fire, the latter where the lamp's bulbs and illumination lie. You can choose a white, red, or, if you're feeling the Night King-ice dragon vibe, blue fire casing. The Dragon Lamp stands 9.8" tall.

May 24, 2019 Update: In addition to the pre-made Dragon Lamps available, design creator 3Demon has the files up to purchase for $6 if you want to try 3D printing your own.

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