Gun Lamps

Posted: November 30, 2012
9mm Gun Sconce
$175 - $525
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Tired of taking shots in the dark? Then how about a little bang! bang! that lights up the night? Ryan Weigner hand-finesses ceramics slipcast-style to create illuminating firearms in 9mm sconce and table, as well as AK-47 table lamp designs.

The sconces, sold individually, measure 7" tall x 4" wide, and include a 4" black shade lined with gold, plus a fixture wired with 8' of cord (total height 13"). The Tri-9mm Gun table lamp's three pieces each measure 7" tall x 4-1/2" wide, also for a combined height of 13" with the addition of the shade and fixture. AK-47 lamps stand 24" to the fixture, and a total of 33" to the top of the shade. A semi-matte glaze enhances the AK-47 light bringers' detail and makes them ever prettier to look at, like girls who put that lotion from the commercial with the alligator on their legs.

Gun Lamps are cool, but you know who's cooler? Manny. Manny has sent us a metric ton of product suggestions, which is generous in and of itself, but on top of his willingness to share, Manny also has good taste. This is very rare. I mean, it's one thing to give someone a gift, but it's a whole other thing to give someone a gift that doesn't suck. (Maybe keep that in mind this year when you're perusing our Gift Guide and doing your holiday shopping.) Though we have confirmed Manny is not Manny Pacquiao as we originally suspected, he is definitely the World Champion Prize Fighter of Dude I Want That. Muchas danke, Manny. Again.

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