Mushroom Mycelium Pendant Light

Posted: November 07, 2022
Mushroom Mycelium Pendant Light
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It doesn't look like a mushroom, it doesn't smell like a mushroom, and while I haven't licked this mushroom pendant light, I'm pretty sure it doesn't taste like a mushroom. Still. Myceen's nifty Pendant Lamp B-Wise is made entirely from mushroom mycelium and organic byproducts. It is even free of chemicals and synthetic additives, so should you ever tire of its rustic, clay-looking aesthetic and overhead glow, you can toss the mushroom light in the compost rather than to the curb with a "FREE" sign.

In the meantime, Myceen assures us the mycelium use in the Pendant Lamp B-Wise has stopped growing, and will not bring unsavory or unhealthy fungi into your home - hanging and using the light is "completely safe for humans and buildings." And, no, it won't start to decompose after 3 days either.

The B-Wise mushroom mycelium pendant light is about 23.6" in diameter and 7.5" tall.

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