Philippe the Skeleton Lamp

Posted: October 20, 2017
Philippe the Skeleton Lamp

Phillipe the Skeleton Lamp is not the first skeleton lamp I've met (see Glass Skull Tiki Torch, Day of the Dead Skull Lamp). But he's definitely the first skeleton lamp I've met named "Phillipe." Which leads me to believe he's also the most sophisticated of the skeleton lamps, or at least the most expensive.

Designed by Zia Priven, the Phillipe lamp is a fully articulating skeleton, made so with stainless steel pins, springs, and supports. He comes mounted on a steel base. Where the skeleton's skull should be, Priven has installed a light bulb with a tapered shade.

Phillipe the Skeleton Lamp stands a looming 71" tall, and comes in bare bones, polished nickel, bronze, and 24K gold finishes.

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