Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulbs

Posted: March 15, 2021
Rechargeable Emergency Light Bulbs
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Power off, light on. It really is as simple as that with these rechargeable emergency light bulbs from JackonLux. I have them installed in 3 lamps in my house, plus the ceiling light above the toilet in the bathroom, an area around which I decided it would behoove me not to have to finagle a flashlight or risk missing my target during a power outage.

The rechargeable light bulbs function as standard LED lights under normal circumstances, soaking up the electrical juice from your lamp or fixture when you have power. Then, when a storm hits, or a tree falls, or an idiot does something idiotic and your electricity goes out, any light fitted with a JackonLux bulb will function normally for 3 to 4 hours.

A couple key points: 1) Be sure to install the rechargeable light bulbs in lights you use regularly enough to keep them charged; 2) The rechargeable bulbs' power is activated by their connection, but not just to a light socket. Yes, the corresponding on / off switch on a lamp will still control the bulb during an outage. But if you want a more portable light - either to a different room in the house, or perhaps on a camping trip - JackLux also includes a set of socket caps with on / off switches and hanging hooks with each purchase. Even cooler - and stranger - the bulbs will also operate if you touch their electrical contacts to a wet cloth or, no joke, your finger.

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