RunLessWire Wireless Light Switch Kit

Posted: February 22, 2023
RunLessWire Wireless Light Switch Kit
$149.92 - $333.84
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They say this RunLessWire Wireless Light Switch Kit runs on kinetic energy rather than electrical wire. But even after reading about how you generate the power the switch needs to communicate with the receiver in your light fixture by simply pressing the switch on or off, I have to admit...I still don't understand how this thing works.

The electricians and physics-comprehending amongst you dudes and ladies probably do get the tech operating RunLessWire, and maybe think it's pretty damn cool. And for the dudes and ladies like me, regardless of whether or not this light switch makes sense, maybe you just think the option of installing a light switch without tearing up your walls, plus being able to mount it almost anywhere, on any surface you want, is pretty damn cool. I do.

Use the RunLessWire Wireless Light Switch Kit to create a new control switch, or replace an existing wired switch, for lights, ceiling fans, and other electronic fixtures. You can place the RunLessWire switch over a switch box, or on a blank piece of wall, glass, brick, or other hard surface, and secure it with a pair of screws or adhesive strips. From there, the kinetic magic takes over to talk to the RunLessWire receiver - installed either directly in the fixture, or in the wired light switch junction box - to activate / deactivate your fixture when you toggle the switch.

Oh, I guess it's making more sense now. The RunLessWire Light Switch is basically a remote control. But it doesn't communicate using electricity, or batteries for that matter. It communicates using power generated by motion. Kinetic energy. Yeah, that's it, that's...nah. Still don't really get it.

RunLessWire Switches have a 50' to 150' range, and you can install multiple units in the same home without interference because each switch kit has a unique radio frequency.

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