Self-Regenerative Wax Lamp

Posted: August 03, 2012
Revitalizer - Self-Regenerative Wax Lamp

Everyone wants to be a hard ass. The Terminator. The Regulator. The Undertaker. Chuck Norris. Where's The Do-Gooder? The Helper? The Revitalizer? Relegated to the arenas of kindergarten classrooms and home decor, that's where. The Revitalizer may not fire four underwater projectiles, or come equipped with a gatling gun for its left arm, but its wax cylinder, heated by the high-voltage light bulb it surrounds, melts into stalactites and bulbous formations that manage both to look pretty sick, and self-regenerate into a new cylindrical mass as they hit the molded basin below them.

A lamp for the era of recycling, the Revitalizer is reusable indefinitely. Once its glowing wax peels away from the light bulb and reaches the dish below, a heated base helps re-mold it to the receptacle and, after two hours of cooling, the new hunk is ready for reinsertion at the top of the lamp. It's kind of like the circle of life, but without the death part since the exact same wax keeps getting born over and over again, so I guess more like the infinite continuum of life.

While there is no Revitalizer video available at present, I can imagine seeing this wax melt all backlit and brightly colored is one of those mesmerizing things you intend to check out for a few seconds, and then think, "I'll just wait until that hunk drops," and then, "All those wax nodules look like tumors.... It's not a toomuh!" and then before you know it, the whole evening is gone, and I missed MTV's Teen Wolf again! Uh, and by "I", I mean "you."

Props for the Revitalizer self-regenerating lamp go to industrial designer Merve Kahraman, who surprises me in both age (25) and gender (female). She currently lives in London, and can be reached here for inquiries about her nifty lighting creations, and other interior design works.

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