Back Pain Relieving Wedge Pillow

Posted: January 14, 2018
Back Pain Relieving Wedge Pillow
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Stomach sleepers, this Wedge Pillow could be your remedy to the back pain your preferred snoozing position started poking you with once you hit the ripe old age of 25. And the back pain that, at 40, has made it nearly impossible to sleep on your stomach anymore.

My fiancee, She-Ra: Princess of Power, has always been a stomach sleeper. A stomach sleeper with one bent knee, lifted high, so it jams into my back or butt several times throughout the night. But lately the position has been irritating her back and neck, for reasons obvious to anyone who doesn't sleep in a position that elevates and cranks their head and neck right or left on the pillow, and puts a permanent arch in their low back. She found the Wedge Pillow in a search to cure her middle-age ailments without sacrificing her toddler-style sleeping position.

The Wedge Pillow switches the typical length:width ratio of a standard pillow, and then adds a downslope and massage table-style face cradle at the top. The latter solves the head / neck turning problem, without creating a suffocation problem. And according to Wedge Pillow makers, the angled, contoured design helps maintain proper neck alignment and conforms comfortably to the sleeper's chest over its 2" to 6" height change.

The result: reduced back strain and improved spinal alignment.

Wedge Pillows are made of firm polyurethane foam fills to hold their shape, and covered in polycotton cases treated with a hypoallergenic barrier.

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