BedJet 3 Enhanced Climate Control System

Posted: August 15, 2018
BedJet 3 Enhanced Climate Control System
$229 - $559
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BedJet has been very good to Dude readers over the years. Not just in cooling them off and heating them up with their under-the-sheets climate comfort system, but also in giving away a BedJet V2 system to a lucky Dude reader both this summer and last.

With the debut of their latest model, the BedJet 3, BedJet continues its coolness (and warmth!) to Dude readers, and anyone seeking a better night's sleep, with a new, intelligent design, and compatibility with Alexa Smart Home. Through October 4, 2018, you can become an early backer of the bed cooling and warming system for $170 to $390 off their BedJet 3 packages' eventual retail prices.

In its original form, BedJet is ventilation base unit and hose you stick under any old bed sheets to suck and blow at your sweaty or chilly parts all night long. The base sits on the floor, at or under the foot of your bed, while its hose snakes up along the side; it looks similar to a handheld vacuum. A plastic spout at the end of the hose then burrows under your comforter and top sheet.

BedJet temperature control is programmable, and you can set it to change by the hour throughout the night if you want. For example, if you want to get into a warm bed, but don't want to wake up 2 hours later with the night sweats, set the temperature higher at the beginning of your sleep, and then lower it. And then maybe blast the cold in the morning to help get your ass out of bed when the alarm goes off.

Or. Don't set the alarm at all. Part of the BedJet 3's intelligent design includes "hacking into your body's natural biorhythm wake triggers, to wake you up gently and incredibly refreshed."

The BedJet 3 will also see upgrades in connectivity, adding WiFi for Alexa voice control and other smart home integrations, plus a new color screen remote and updated iOS/Android app.

The standard BedJet 3 package includes a single-zone BedJet bed heating and cooling unit and the color remote. You can upgrade your backer pledge from there to include BedJet's AirComforter Cloud Sheet, sewn with hollow interior flow cavities for improved BedJet performance, or go for a BedJet dual zone to heat / cool 2 sides of the bed separately.

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