Bottoms Up Doorbell

Posted: April 03, 2023
Bottoms Up Doorbell
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Cheers! Tchin-tchin! Salude! ... Hey, can someone get the doorbell! The Bottoms Up Doorbell from Dutch design house Droog is a toast to wine lovers and party hosts, the perfect chime for announcing their guests.

And for those not so into wine, or hosting, or having people show up at their door ever, at least with the Bottoms Up Doorbell anytime political activists and yay-hoos selling religion and solar panels come around to get your blood hot, the sound of clinking wine glasses will provide a simple reminder to help cool it back off: it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

One question, though. As someone with a knack for clinking his glass at the exact wrong spot, how many rings until the Bottoms Up Doorbell shatters?

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