Bubble Wrap Calendar 2013

Posted: November 24, 2012
Bubble Wrap Calendar 2013
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One Bubble Wrap Calendar reviewer on Amazon recommends abstaining from an entire month of daily extra-large bubble popping satisfaction, and then at day 30 or 31 (fine, or 28) running your thumb down the whole row of Mankind's Greatest Packing Material for the ultimate indulgence in plastic-wrapped air release. Due to my compulsive nature, tactile fixations, and other Freudian neuroses, I'm not sure I could hold out for that long, but it's an admirable goal, reviewer "Kort", an admirable goal.

Featuring 365 days of Pop!-primed nodules aligned beneath their corresponding months--in business-sexy Helvetica Neue font, no less--the 2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar hangs 48" long x 17.7" wide. Yep, it's huge. But, unfortunately, good for only a year before it becomes entirely worthless.

November 2013 Update: The 2014 Bubble Wrap Calendar is now available--follow the link below to pop over and buy yours.

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