Buzzy Pain Blocker

Posted: March 03, 2014
Buzzy Pain Blocker
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Buzzy helps relieve the pain of shots, lab draws, bee stings, burns, burning medicines, Band-Aid rip-offs, and tattoos. Tattoos? Really? I mean, I can get behind a vibrating ice pack fashioned in the likeness of a bumblebee to assuage the assault of, say, a tetanus shot to counter the effects of an unhappy encounter with barbed wire fencing while texting and walking. But let's see a show of hands from those who agree anyone not man enough (even non-men) to handle the discomfort of the tattoo application process au naturel should be blacklisted from getting one. You want a sleeve of a page from Where the Wild Things Are, you suck it up and do without a Buzzy bumble buddy.

For children and adults alike--and available in less humiliating plain black for the latter--Buzzy is a self-described personal pain management device. Held in the hand by either the pain deliverer or recipient, it was largely designed to reduce the pain of needles sticks, but has since grown in application to include a variety of pain bringers. Buzzy's combination of vibration, ice, and distraction methods draw from the Gate Theory of Pain Control and the Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control theory to "confuse the nerves and trick the brain" into not feeling any pain. Buzzy hopes to remove the trauma often associates with medical and dental visits, and in children intercept these aversions before they begin.

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