Chunky Braided Chenille Throw Blanket

Posted: December 04, 2022
Chunky Braided Chenille Throw Blanket
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"Holey" isn't typically a characteristic I look for in blankets, but despite being all holey this Chunky Braided Chenille Throw Blanket still manages to look warm, inviting, and ready to go with you and give you rest as soon as you accept it into your home and your heart.

Oh, and to be clear, by "holey" I mean, "full of holes, not "consecrated to Jesus," though I appreciate your eagerness to jump all over me for thinking "holy" is spelled with an "-ey." Mama. She-Ra: Princess of Power. Aunt Jan. She-Ra: Princess of Power's mom. The three other Karens reading this right now, one of whom is almost certainly my black-hearted ex-girlfriend, whose actual name is Karen.

Anyway, the chenille throw blankets are ultra soft and knitted with big, fat, holey loops. At less than 4 pounds each, they're also fairly lightweight, so you won't have to get in a fight with yours when you get too hot and need to kick a leg out from under to on top of it.

Wait, I guess you wouldn't have to leg-fight with the chenille blanket no matter how much it weighed. The braiding provides natural ventilation for comfort, and if an appendage still happens to get too hot, just stick it straight through one of its glorious holes.

So "glory holey" isn't typically a characteristic I look for in blankets, but....

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