Clean Park Drip Mats

Posted: March 03, 2016
Clean Park Drip Mats
$34.95 - $222.95
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Snow and mud, or if you drive my hoopdie of a 4-door, oil and whatever other internal fluids are seeping from the car's belly. Sure, it's a concrete floor. In the garage. But you still may want to keep it in decent condition. Or at least un-grimy enough that Grandma doesn't slip and break her hip on it when she comes over to admire your new 3-wheeled Batmobile.

Clean Park mats come in sizes ranging from 3' x 4' to 9' x 22', and in 20-mil and 50-mil thicknesses. They have heavy-duty vinyl surfaces able to protect your garage floor or driveway from engine drips, mud, snow, slush, grime, and the milkshake Jr. dumps over as soon as he steps out of the backseat.

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