Foldaway Bunk Beds

Posted: August 24, 2013
Foldaway Adult Bunk Beds
$329.99 - $349.99
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Haha, that dude in the bunk bed looks like the creepy 50-year-old who goes back to college during his mid-life crisis and tries to re-enact his glory days by moving into the dorms and chasing around co-eds his daughter's age who are all, Mr. Galazkiewicz is that you? before deciding, Oh, whatevs, an old man is on my To Do list anyway, and I bet if I sleep with him I can get him to pay my tuition next semester.

These adult-sized foldaway bunk beds are fashioned by a US Military supplier for compact, in-a-pinch sleeping accommodations that collapse and store out of sight in handled canvas bags when their occupants sober up enough to drive home. Bunk beds have powder-coated steel frames and an interlocking disc system for tool-less assembly, and each cot has been strategically designed to hold individuals or, more likely, couples getting it on weighing up to 500 pounds. 600-denier polyester mats about the size of a single mattress cover the beds' sleeping surfaces.

When assembled, the bottom of the foldaway bunks rests 12" above the floor and the top hovers at 32". Now kids, if the bottom bunk is 12" off the floor and the top bunk is 32" off the floor, how many inches are the two bunks away from each other?

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