Giani Countertop Paint Kits

Posted: December 11, 2016
Giani Countertop Paint Kits
$74.96 - $79.95
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I'm cool with Rolex knockoffs, dogs from the pound, and the drug store's brand of cough syrup if it means I save a wad of cash and still end up with a pretty decent watch / buddy / night's sleep. Why should faux granite countertops be any different? Especially when Giani's paint kits for existing laminate installations will create what looks to be an acceptably realistic aesthetic for literally thousands of dollars less than the real thing.

Available in Bombay Black, Chocolate Brown, Sicilian Sand, and Slate, Giani Countertop Paint kits upgrade kitchen and bathroom countertops with the luxe look of granite in a few hours of DIY rolling, sponging, and finishing. In addition to laminate, you can use them on formica, Corian, ceramic tile, and butcher block surfaces. Paints are made of water-based materials with automotive-grade durability. Kits include a primer base coat, a collection of colored mineral coats for achieving granite's textured, speckled look, and an acrylic top coat. A roller arm, pads, 4" paint sponge, 2" foam brush, and a practice board are also included, along with an instructional DVD.

Giani includes enough paint to cover 35 square feet, or 16 running feet of standard 24" wide countertops, which they say is the average amount of countertop area in a kitchen.

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