Grasshopper Vaporizer Pen

Posted: November 17, 2013
$99 - $145
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Ha! More proof that if pens wish to avoid extinction they better start bringing more to the table than a barrel full of ink! In fact, Grasshopper makes the biggest leap of all--the one I've been waiting for: it eliminates the writing function altogether! Grasshopper pens don't make to-do lists and get you high, Grasshopper pens only get you high. Because why the hell would I want the option to record the administrative tasks of my day when I also have the option to ignore them in favor of sucking on a Bic-shaped vaporizer?

Like the VaporBLUNT, the Grasshopper is a completely portable, self-contained herbal vaporizer. However, instead of modeling itself after a chubby Crayola, Conrad Behrman, Matthew Most, and Trevor Vita have fashioned their durable and discreet inhalation station after a contemporary and elegant ball point. The basic model's exterior housing is made from smooth stainless steel (titanium and colored titanium upgrades are also available) carved to be durable and comfortable to hold and store, yet thin enough to maximize interior space for a larger battery and chamber.

To begin a Grasshopping experience, unscrew the pen's tip and load it with your herbs of choice. After reaffixing the chamber, click the end of the pen once to turn it on; a ring of red dotted lights will display. Seconds later, once Grasshopper has heated and is ready to puff, the red lights will turn blue. From there, lower mouth to metal and let the chillin', relaxin', Dominoes ordering (complete with special pizza cuts and box top drawing requests), and abstinence from writing begin.

Grasshopper endeavors to further differentiate itself from other portable vaporizers on the market with its heating technology. Direct Metal Laser Sintering, a type of metal 3D printing, allows for the construction of a compact heat exchanger with low flow resistance. The 30-watt heating element is also an upgrade in standard strength, and powerful enough to keep up even during aggressive use. To control temperature and monitor user input the vaporizer uses a pair of microprocessors to convey information from end to end. The result: no wires, a slimmer profile, and reduced manufacturing costs.

Grasshopper the vaporizing pen will be available for backing on Indiegogo through December 15, 2013. Anticipated delivery if the crowdfunding campaign is successful is February 2014. Right about the time I expect my next hankering to watch Grasshopper the Karate Kid to hit. I imagine the two will pair very well together.

Thanks to Wovenlore for the Dude Product Tip.

February 2014 Update: Grasshopper far achieved its funding goal (by 3-1/2 times), so its initial production run and delivery of backers' pens is still in the works. Follow the link below to the company's Website for further information and updates about future availability to the general public.

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