Hold-Tight Mini Stair Handrail

Posted: July 14, 2021
Hold-Tight Jamb-Mounted Mini Handrail
$129 - $139
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I'm thinking a Hold-Tight Mini Handrail for the 3-riser set of stairs my mama has going from her garage into her house. Because sometimes when I'm carrying a bunch of crap to do a home project for her, or just in a hurry, or just kind of drunk due to some Sunday Funday afternoon margaritas, I trip up / down them and have nothing to grab onto. Or break my sideways fall. For me, a Hold-Tight handrail at that stairway would be really, well, handy.

Might help my mama out sometimes too.

Designed by Steve Johnson of Home Freedom, Hold-Tight Mini Handrails are made especially for sets of 1 to 3 steps, and mount to either the door jamb or the wall at the top of the stairs. As shown in one of the photos in the gallery, when installed properly they can withstand between 400 and 500 pounds of weight / sudden force.

Hold-Tight Mini Handrails are made of 1-1/4" steel tubing set at a standard angle that follows the slope of stairs. They come in black or white, and a few different size / mounting combinations.

Johnson is a licensed contractor in Minnesota who specializes in home accessibility - meaning he builds a lot of ramps, railings, grab bars, and the like. He developed Hold-Tight Mini Stair Handrails in answer to client requests for safety provisions at short flights of stairs, particularly those leading into the garage or areas with concrete flooring at the bottom. (Technically, International Building Code doesn't require handrailing at stairs with 3 risers or less.)

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