Honeywell Turbo Force Heater

Posted: November 12, 2019
Honeywell Turbo Force Heater
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A Turbo Force of heat. My wife's gonna like the sound of that little superpower Honeywell claims to have built into their new space heater. Powerful at 1500 watts, and portable enough to move one-handed from room to room, the Turbo Force Heater is even part acrobat, with both an oscillating neck and a pivoting head.

The Turbo Force Heater doesn't have specific temperature settings, but simple high, low, and fan only options. The control dial also has a timer for 1, 2, 4, and 6 hours of preset heating. Safety features include 360-degree tip-over protection and 2x overheat protection.

If you have a perpetually cold wife like I do, the Honeywell Turbo Force Heater could make a nice gift for her this season, though it is a little more pragmatic and, in a figurative sense, kinda cold compared to jewelry, perfume, or a puppy. Oh, but on that thought, a powerful space heater that's useful, but communicates aloofness more than love, could be the perfect gift to give someone you're about to break up with.

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