iSiLER Portable Ceramic Space Heater

Posted: October 02, 2020
iSiLER Portable Ceramic Space Heater
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It's fitting that the iSiLER Portable Ceramic Space Heater is bright yellow because that color communicates sun and warmth. And also mustard. And if you were around this time last year, French's Yellow Mustard Ice Cream. Blech. I guess ruining the epitome of summer is one way to make the fact that it's over suck less.

Anyway, the fall chill is beginning to blow in, but as you might not be quite ready to crank on your heating system, the iSiLER Portable Ceramic Space Heater could be a cozy addition to early mornings in the kitchen and late evenings on the Netflix. And all the hours in between if your WFH office is a dark, drafty corner of the dining room...or the finished basement.

The happy yellow heater has a 1,500W output to distribute warm air over an area of around 108 square feet. According to iSiLER, ceramic heating elements and a large air outlet combine with the heater's power to start heating up a room just 2 seconds after it's turned on. An adjustable thermostat on the unit has a temperature range of 41 to 95 degrees F. An auto shutoff mechanism switches if the heater exceeds its upper limit.

iSiLER has also built in tip-over protection, so the space heater shuts off automatically if it face plants or otherwise gets knocked over.

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