LoveBalls Hot Water Bottle

Posted: July 18, 2019
LoveBalls Hot Water Bottle
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Sore legs? Achy back? Feeling butt hurt? Just LoveBalls? LoveBalls hot water bottle to the rescue! Plop these balls down on your tired and tender bits and let them love away the pain. LoveBalls even come with a blue jeans cover to prevent scalding because Sssss! these balls get hot.

Like most great sets of balls, LoveBalls are multi-talented. You can fill the soft silicone sack with water and microwave it for traditional heat therapy, or fill it with ice / stick it in the fridge to get some cooling anatomical relief. And, maybe most spectestitacular of all, the bottom of the bag contains two soft stress relief spheres you can squeeze and mash together when you're feeling agitated. Like a simulated exercise in calming your thoughts, regaining control, and grabbing life by the balls.

The 700mL LoveBalls bottles come in coffee, peach, and rose colors for those into different ethnicities and unicorns. Who needs a gift for your girlfriend?

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