Man Can - Gun Powder Scented Candle

Posted: June 11, 2012
Man Can - Gun Powder Scented Candle
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Man Cans. Scented candles for men. No. For Men. Endorsed by Thor, Indiana Jones, and the Dos Equis guy. This one smells like a spent shotgun shell. At $9.50, it also smells like I'm done looking for a Father's Day gift, and through using girly lavender and apple cinnamon candles to mask the smell of my gym socks and the Madras curry Apt. 208 cooked three days ago.

Not to mention that if lighting a match can help neutralize mild bathroom odors, can you imagine the heinous toilet bowl explosions a candle that effuses constant wafts of gunpowder is going to cover up?

Other Man Can olfactory delights include Fresh Cut Grass, Cigar Box, Dirt, Memphis Style BBQ, NY Style Pizza, Campfire, Grandpa's Pipe, New Mitt, Bacon, Coffee, and Sawdust.

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