MonPere Travel Pillow

Posted: November 15, 2017
MonPere Travel Pillow
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MonPere says its new travel pillow, which looks like the arms of a Sesame Street character on a mission to give hugs / snap necks, is "weird for a reason." Apparently, the company's years of testing and prototyping the perfect pillow, the one that would deliver a comfortable, restful sleep in planes, trains, and automobiles, concluded that none other than a pair of high-fives with a 3' wingspan can best keep your head supported, and joints and muscles free of strain during travel.

Made of flexible but firm silicone, MonPere bends and molds to accommodate both kids and adults of varying sizes, as well as a number of different sleeping positions. Its linear shape is intended to hold your head in its axis to promote a deeper sleep, and preclude neck soreness and back pain that accompany the head bobbing and odd contortions our bodies tend to make when trying to sleep upright or bent forward. Check out the image gallery above for sample MonPere shapes and sleeping positions.

Bonus: If you choose not to snooze, you can set the MonPere in a travel-jitters-soothing embrace, or position one of its hands to hold your movie player at eye level.

Learn more about the MonPere travel pillow and pledge for one of your own here through December 8, 2017.

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