Muzo - Personal Zone Creator & Noise Blocker

Posted: September 24, 2016
Muzo - Personal Zone Creator & Noise Blocker
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Muzo uses anti-vibration technology to turn the world off. (Makes sense, given the number of other devices that use pro-vibration technology to turn the world on--VibeRider, anyone?) At approximately the size and shape of a computer mouse, Muzo sits on or adheres to any smooth surface in your vicinity and prevents surrounding objects from vibrating, creating a "bubble" of serene space around you. Inside this invisible personal zone you can choose to free yourself from the cacophony of your environment for some peace, block outsiders from hearing your conversations for some privacy, or surround yourself with the sounds of nature for an acoustic escape.

Place Muzo on a tabletop or stick it to a window, and press the center button to turn it on. The Anti-Vibration System will activate immediately. From the device's accompanying app, you can choose to activate Muzo's Billionsound Technology and enhance the noise masking effects. BST adds your choice of new sounds to your environment, mix-and-match soundtracks of a campfire, rain, summer night, river stream, etc.

Muzo creates soothing personal zones when you need to focus, cut the stress, relax, or get some sleep. When it's time for bed, Muzo has a Personalized Acoustic Sleep Therapy setting designed specifically to help you fall and stay asleep.

Muzo also has 4 privacy zone settings for when you want to keep your conversations and activities to yourself. You can use the Muzo app to adjust your protection range, and the device will adapt its output from location to location, and across variable noise levels.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Muzo is currently available from pre-order through IndieGoGo. Anticipated ship date for the first units is April 2017.

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