One-Handed Condom Wrapper

Posted: September 06, 2012
One-Handed Condom Wrapper

Though noble, I was very surprised to learn that One-Handed Condom Wrapper dreamer upper and designer Ben Pawle developed his concept (yes, sadly just a concept at this point, though now that it's hit the Web, I imagine it will be mere days before Pawle's door is beaten down by throngs of investors) after extensive explorations into the plight of Hemiplegics--people born with limited or no use of one side of their bodies, with symptoms manifesting similar to those who have experienced a stroke. Not surprised because I don't think people of all abilities should have equal access to safe sexual practices, but because a one-handed condom wrapper is something pretty much every human on the planet, and probably a few horses in backwoods hick towns, could use at some point in life, and it's kind of revolutionary and something someone--like me, dammit--should have come up with long ago.

So kudos to you, Ben Pawle. And if you could spare a moment in your philanthropic intellectual pursuits, might I suggest taking your perforated pockets o' genius to a very large scale manufacturer who can churn out a few hundred million for me and the rest of the condom-using world.

Muchas danke to Mitch T. for the product suggestion.

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