REST Evercool Cooling Comforter for Hot Sleepers

Posted: April 17, 2023
REST Evercool Cooling Comforter for Hot Sleepers
$199 - $279
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I'd be sleeping on the couch if I got my wife a REST Evercool Cooling Comforter. No, seriously, me and the Evercool would be kicked out of bed by She-Ra: Princess of Power, who is not only not a hot sleeper with no concept of the term "night sweats," but who I don't think has ever experienced the sensation of being hot in her life. Asleep, awake, in a sauna, stranded on the side of the road in Death Valley - the most I've ever seen her do is take it down to a single long-sleeve shirt. But she always has a sweater nearby in case the sun goes behind the clouds, or someone turns a fan on.

Me, however, I am a hot and sweaty mess most nights...as well as most days I eat ramen and / or too much chili sauce, but I doubt an Evercool blanket could help much with that.

REST sews their Evercool cooling comforters with a double-sided cooling fabric, made mostly of ultrafine nylon yard, but blended with some Spandex. They say it dissipates heat 10 times faster than cotton, cooling you down instantly, and remaining cool to the touch throughout the night. And if you do sweat, the Evercool is designed to wick it away, remaining dry across the surface that touches your skin.

Since the fabric used for the Evercool Comforter's technical performance is 90 times thinner than a human hair, REST says it, combined with its fluffy Sorona filling between the layers, feels like a "snuggly, buttery, softer-than-cashmere comforter." The blanket is also machine washable.

Available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes, the Evercool Comforter is a great gift for anyone who sleeps hot, regularly experiences night sweats, doesn't have air conditioning for the summer, or has to deal with hot flashes.

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