Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows

Posted: October 17, 2016
Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows
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To me, yoga at its finest means Savasana. Corpse pose. Lie there in a hot room on a cold day and think of nothing but your deep inhale [belly rise] and deep exhale [belly fall]. With maybe a thought or two spared for the Chicago-style deep dish you're going to devour from the pizza place next door to the yoga studio after class is over.

Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows dig Savasanas too. But rather than dreaming of thick crust and an inch of cheese, they let their meditative breaths lead them to a concept for bringing the benefits of yoga to the bedroom, and to our nightly checkout from consciousness. Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows are designed to help you achieve benefits similar to yoga--improved posture, freer breathing, and increased oxygen flow--while you sleep.

Sleep Yoga pillows come in a few different shapes and sizes, each suitable for different styles of sleeping, sleep preferences, and body types. The goal is to find the pillow or pillow combo that will best help you set and maintain perfect body posture while you sleep. The Dual Position Neck Pillow is for back and side sleepers, and comes in Medium Soft and Medium Firm. It has an ergonomic assembly, with stitching and puckering placed to contour the natural curve of the neck for support and proper cervical alignment. The Dual Position pillow is intended to facilitate switching from back to side sleeping positions in the night without having to adjust or fold the pillow.

For additional support, you can use Sleep Yoga's Side Sleeper Arm Rest Pillow in tandem with the Dual Position to maintain a natural alignment in the shoulder joint, as well as support the elbow, wrist, and hand. According to Sleep Yoga, conditioning this position while you sleep will help prevent shoulder slouching and rounding throughout your awake hours too.

Sleep Yoga's third Posture Pillow is a Multi-Position design that you can unfold and bend to suit both side sleeping and sitting positions. The cylindrical sections conform to your chose body contortion and can support the neck, hip, shoulder, knee, and lumbar regions of your back.

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