SleepMuffs Sound-Blocking Neck Pillow

Posted: January 22, 2021
SleepMuffs Sound-Blocking Neck Pillow
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Sure, SleepMuffs look a little silly on their wearer, but consider: 1) you're either wearing the sound-blocking neck pillow while sleeping in your bed, a time and place (presumably) no one is judging how you look; or 2) you're wearing them to snooze while traveling, in which case, silly as they make look, SleepMuffs look a helluva lot less ridiculous than a lot of other travel pillow options out there. Lookin' at you, MonPere. Ostrich Pillow.

Also consider: 1) SleepMuffs are an over-the-ear, sound-blocking solution in addition to an ergonomic neck pillow. Made of 5 electronics-free layers, Australian maker Blisstil says SleepMuffs will muff out loud and annoying sounds, around 33dB's worth; and 2) SleepMuffs aren't made just for flights and road trips, but nightly use at home too.

The neck support SleepMuffs provide is intended to improve sleep quality for back and side sleepers, keeping your neck in a neutral, aligned position for the former, and filling the gap your shoulder creates between your head and pillow for the latter.

At printing, SleepMuffs were available for preorder in various colors and patterns.

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