The LaySee Pillow for Glasses Wearers

Posted: October 15, 2018
The LaySee Pillow for Glasses Wearers
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I know "LaySee Pillow" is an irresistible pun, but come on, I'm not lazy just because I want to be able to lie down and see. And also, not to get all Grammar Po on you, but according to Sheriff Word Use, you don't lay down, you lie down. So if you want to lie down without choosing between taking off your glasses and losing the ability to see, or keeping them on and letting the frames dig into the side of your face and losing the ability to feel the side of your face, you'd need a LieSee Pillow.

Doesn't sound quite as good.

But hey, a nice idea for people who wear glasses and also have lice!

The LaySee Pillow has an approximately 2" channel running through its center, cut out to provide clearance for side sleepers (or rather, side readers, Netflix watchers, and gamers) wearing eyeglasses of all shapes and sizes. Creators say they have yet to find a pair that doesn't nestle comfortably into the LaySee.

The LaySee Pillow is made with a 100% latex core that should hold its shape even after long term use. The material is also responsive and supportive for the head and neck, with the intent of providing more comfort than a standard couch pillow. The LaySee Pillow outer cover is made of smooth Tencel they say is breathable and cool, but looks like it will probably stamp a polka-dot pattern on your face.

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