The Pocket Pillow

Posted: August 28, 2023
The Pocket Pillow
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Hand strain. Neck strain. Spinal discomfort. Laziness. The Pocket Pillow solves at least one problem we all experience trying to use or watch streaming content on our phones and tablets on the couch or in bed.

A simple design - and one that could use some aesthetic improvement in this dude's opinion - the Pocket Pillow adds an 8-1/2" square pocket with a clear plastic panel to the front of an otherwise basic throw pillow. The pocket is large enough to fit all types of smartphones, and most tablets and e-readers. Insert the device through the pocket's large top opening, and then use the smaller one at the bottom to feed in charging cables.

The Pocket Pillow's transparent panel should not prevent touchscreen use, though it sure looks like it could make scrolling a little sticky to me. Pillow owners also point out that it's difficult to access a device's side buttons for volume and power from the pocket.

On the upside, using a Pocket Pillow will keep your device in one spot, so you won't lose it in the couch cushions, or end up sleeping with it under your armpit. Same goes for remote controls, should you opt to use the Pocket Pillow to corral them instead.

Pocket Pillows come in Space Grey and Cool Blue.

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