Video Game Junkie Wedding Cake Topper

Posted: April 29, 2012
Video Game Junkie Wedding Cake Topper

Is it funny 'cause it's true? The witty, yet unfortunate Video Game Junkie Wedding Cake Topper is a Cynthia Niles custom design, made to order with a jumbo flat screen, and whatever gaming image, console & hand controller brand, and beverage cans the betrothed desire. Hmm, I wonder if Niles could also swap out the Call of Duty and Legend of Zelda stills for screen shots of the Patriots, the Yankees, or the Zooey Deschanel....

Though it might outshine the bride, and will most certainly outshine the fat-swathed sugar explosion below it, the Video Game Wedding Cake Topper isn't just a conversation piece, it's a 6" x 4" work of art that demonstrates a higher level of humor and understanding between husbands- and wives-to-be. It's also a surprise parting gift for men, who will likely return from their honeymoons to find that all gaming consoles have been sold on Craig's List, and the cash from them used to buy aubergine area rugs and fancy coffee table books.

In addition to the customized choices mentioned above, wedding cake topper shoppers can also choose hair colors of the bride and groom to match their own and, for an additional fee, request changes to the aisle walkers' skin color and attire. Plan to allow 20 or so days for Niles to make and ship the design.

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