Wedge Pillow Headboard

Posted: March 08, 2023
Wedge Pillow Headboard
$109.95 - $139.95
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Hard headboards, and even most of the soft, quilted ones, don't lend themselves so well to reading and scrolling in bed. And the pillows you sleep on, the ones that move and get mushed down and misshapen when you try to use them don't work great either. The same goes, I might add, for trying to use your standard headboard and sleeping pillows as props for other, sexier bed-based activities.

But a Wedge Pillow Headboard? Now we're talking true comfort, support, and...angling possibilities. These are big ol' 3D triangles sized especially for your twin, full, queen, or king bed. They're made of cotton hemp cloth and stuffed with PP cotton filling that provides both structure that won't deform over time, and enough cush to keep you comfy. S-curved fronts follow the shape of your low back to make the Wedge Pillows more ergonomic, and the wedge shape itself provides a decline more natural to the way you would lean back in bed.

While sleeping, you can also move the Wedge Pillow from the headboard to under the covers, and use it as a leg pillow.

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