ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer

Posted: July 27, 2014
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I received a sample of the ZEUS Thunder vaporizer pen for a state-of-matter-changing test drive. Unfortunately, it was right after my mama coerced me into signing an agreement to submit to random marijuana tests in exchange for my continued habitation in her house, so rather than waste a good vaporizer on watermelon-scented oil, I had my friend Victor try the Thunder out with some of his Go Huskies Purple wax. His assessment: Bad. Ass. My read: two thumbs up, two eyelids three-quarters down.

The Thunder is a ZEUSArsenal advanced ability release, a pen-style vaporizer primed for botanical derivatives (i.e., wax, oil, dust) and designed to offer premium vapor quality, convenience, efficiency, and robustness. Its inconspicuous housing consists of a matte PVD surface finish and a super-hard coating to maintain abrasion resistance when stoned butterfingers...or stoners who have cannabis-infused butter on their fingers...can't hold on to it.

As king of the gods, ZEUS obviously believes his vaporizer to be unparalleled in the ever-growing world of mortal vape gear. He notes the Thunder's heating capacity allows it to reach temperatures 20% higher than any other vaporizer in its class. A Z-PRO Tank accompanying the pen has also been designed for convenience, with a large storage space and fast loading capabilities.

ZEUS Thunder measures about 5.3" long and 0.5" wide. Weight is under 2 ounces. The rechargeable, long-lasting battery comes with a 2-year warranty. Vaporizer packages include: 1 x ZEUS Thunder; 1 x Z-Wax Tank; 1 x Z-Oil Tank; 1 x Z-App Spatula; 1 x Z-Jar Glass Storage; 2 x Z-Tanks; 1 x USB charger; 1 x wall charger; and an instruction guide.

Thunder maker ZEUSArsenal is an upstart vaporizer accessory company out of Toronto, Canada. They "couple state-of-the-art technologies with mighty materials" to get all of their customers supremely and superlatively vaped up. Check out their full line of Thunder complements and accessories here. Additionally, those interested in purchasing a Thunder who would also like to receive a $50 Zeus Bolt grinder for free can buy the vaporizer pen through exclusive Zeus retailer, Toronto Vaporizer.

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