Apple Computer Pet Bed

Posted: March 22, 2012
Apple Computer Pet Bed
  • Apple Computer Pet Bed
  • Apple Computer Pet Bed with Cow Print Slip Cover
  • Apple Computer Pet Bed Side View
  • Apple Computer Pet Bed
  • Apple iMac Pet Bed Side View
  • Apple iMac Pet Bed with Flowered Slip Cover
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The iconic, transparent Apple beauty that started it all has been reinvented and primed for a cat nap. Revolutionary computer turned revolutionary pet bed--congratulations to Etsy vendor Atomic Attic for their "upcycles" of old and outdated relics into grand (and useful) gestures of nostalgia.

Ahhh, remember the introduction of the iMac? Circa 1998 when the Backstreet Boys first wanted it that way, and the only thing weird about Britney Spears was her expectation for the world to believe she and JT were abstinent? Hey, look over there! It's an inextricably coiled nest of scuzzy and serial cables! But...what I am supposed to do with these ones that have little bitty rectangular ports? Ooh, and on the computer screen! The original South Park Christmas card! And on the counter! An AOL bill for $537, reflecting World Wide Web charges of $12 per hour for the time it took to download the South Park Christmas card!

Apple computer pet beds bring back the good of the good ol' Mac days, but leave behind all the unsophisticated crap we're glad is gone. They come in versions iMac and Mac Studio Desktop, and are fitted with fluffy cushions draped in the buyer's choice of slipcovers. Pictured are a black and white cow print on the Desktop, and a dashing seafoam with flowers print on the iMac. Contact Atomic Attic to request photos and descriptions of additional patterns.

Computer bed screen opening dimensions are 13" x 10", and depth is 17". So, obviously suitable for most cats, as well as smaller dogs. If you don't have a cat or a smaller dog, you might try to negotiate for the brown and tan cat in the photos. You can try for the black and orange one with the unparalleled look of superiority, disdain, and F-You on its face, but you'll have to outbid us.

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