Aqua Farm

Posted: July 18, 2013
Aqua Farm
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I've observed my fair share of pet fish poop over the years--both floating at the surface of my aquarium and during the fabrication process as it emerged from its host--and I feel very uneasy at the thought of it serving as the primary fertilizer for my food*. But I guess if I think about it, I probably eat up mass quantities of shit particulates every day just by forgetting to put the lid down when I flush the toilet and watching the evening news. So the Aqua Farm, a self-sustaining, self-cleaning fish tank fueled by excrement, is really no more distasteful than anything else in life after all.

A small-scale foray into Aquaponics, the Aqua Farm uses fish waste to feed the plants that grow above it. How's that? In addition to its gilled residents, the aquarium also houses friendly bacteria, which break down the pee and poo into usable nutrients. For their part, as the plants absorb the nutrients they also clean the water of them, keeping the fishes' crib fresh, and saving the Aqua Farm's human owner from the laborious chore of washing and swapping out the H2O in the tank.

Aqua Farms hold 3 gallons of water and, from the looks of it, a lone Betta fish.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

*Aqua Farm plants do not appear to be edible, though maybe they are if you like to eat grass. The Aquaponics principle, however, is based on a sustainable farming method the Aztecs developed, which centers around the symbiotic relationship between aquatic animals, their bowel movements, and our dinner.

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