Cat Face Massager

Posted: October 26, 2023
Cat Face Massager
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I see this Cat Face Massager and have one thing to say to my own cat / arch nemesis about it: get ready for an enemies to lovers story, Zanzibar!

The cheap plastic wand with textured roller ends looks a lot like the human face massagers they try to convince women will remove eye puffiness and sculpt their jawline and give them the energy of all 5 of their children combined. But maybe the ladies have grown wise to this snake oil, and so now someone is stuck with a shipping container of face rollers, and is pivoting to the next most profitable demographic to get rid of them: cat owners.

I mean, they got this dude, anyway. If a Cat Face Massager will make my Zanzibar as happy and chillaxed as the cats in the photos look, and if that in turn will make him love me, or at least not try to permanently scar my body with his teeth and claws anymore, then I. Am. Sold.

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