Humunga Chomp Dog Toy

Posted: March 14, 2023
Humunga Chomp Dog Toy
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What I would give to see my cat, Zanzibar, with a Humunga Chomp Dog Toy in his mouth. I think I could make a whole Instagram account with pics and videos of him carrying it around, given how contrary a big toothy smile is to his personality, which traverses a spectrum of Severus Snape on the low end to Posh Spice on the high.

But, alas, it's called the Humunga Chomp Dog Toy for a reason. I just don't think crotchety old Zanzibar could fit Moody Pet's 2.6" diameter fetching ball in his little old (albeit snarling and dangerous) mouth. Better to pass along the pearly whites to your favorite doodle or shepherd to Humunga Chomp down on.

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