JellyTank Jellyfish Aquarium

Posted: February 11, 2017

If you've always wanted a sweet jellyfish aquarium, but had to concede that Beyonce was right when she kept telling you, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly," have a look at JellyTank. The forthcoming aquarium doesn't just look slick, its creators, Sarasota brothers Blake and Brock Gratton, say it comes with none of the financial drawbacks, maintenance hassles, or unaccommodating environments other jellyfish tanks are strapped with.

JellyTank technical design includes a proprietary aquarium and flow bar construction developed in conjunction with a Florida aquarium and research lab. Laminar (pump-driven) water flow within the tank simulates what the jellyfish would experience in the open water, and an integrated mechanical and biological filtration system preserves water quality. The guys say the latter is also easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

Tank aesthetics include remote-controlled LED lighting and acrylic construction in your choice of Ultra-White or Premium-Black.

At printing, and through March 9, 2017, JellyTanks were seeking crowdfunding here on Kickstarter. While tank options that include live jellyfish are no longer available, the Grattons are in the process of developing an aquaculture facility to grow jellies for their customers.

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