Petsfit Dog Bunk Bed

Posted: April 08, 2020
Petsfit Dog Bunk Beds
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Not only does this dog bunk bed from Petsfit look precious, the wood panel pooch chamber is begging to look even more precious, as it arrives primed and ready for a custom paint job from Dad. I mean, come one, Petsfit says assembly of the dog bunk bed is super easy, with all of its 12+mm thick pieces arriving with predrilled holes. Dad's gonna need something to do the rest of the day after he puts it together.

The dog bunk bed is a great choice for 2-pet households whose total 2-pet weight might come in at only 16 pounds, but whose Little Miss Bubbles and Mr. Peanut still somehow manage to hog not only the bed they share, but your bed too. This bed's stacked style not only draws some boundaries, and give everyone their own space, but provides your pups with a little privacy too.

Oh what, you thought they'd never get sick of suddenly having you home and all up in their business 24/7? Please. Dogs are human too.

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