Ambienta Living Table Lamp

Posted: May 02, 2018
Ambienta Living Table Lamp

I was trying to think of a Mother's Day gift for my mama and a lightbulb went off. It was inside the Ambienta Living Table Lamp.

Part planter, part decorative lighting, the Ambienta is kinda a genius design for any home or office that loves flora and being able to see when it's dark out. Daniel Pouzet created the living table lamp with 6 containers encircling its base, each able to hold a 2" plant. You can go for a traditional soil plant and fill the lamp basin with dirt, but the Ambienta tech also supports hydroponic planting if you want to use water instead.

The lamp uses LED lights and contains a grow light setting and timer, so you can program it to go on / off according to your plants' needs, in addition to using its ambient setting according to your own.

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